About Us!

Hi there fellow pet enthusiasts!

Our story started in 2021 with two best mates and university students that had a passion for pooches and other furry friends. Originally we wanted to create a pet clothing brand but after some consideration we decided why not sell everything pet related we could think of!

The story behind our name:

As busy university students it took a while for us to find the time to come up with a name. One day however, one of our founders said he really needed a lightbulb idea... This is where the Light aspect of our name and lightbulb logo came from! This then expanded to 'Two lightbulbs' as we have two people running this store. but we felt it just didn't quite have the desired ring to it we wanted.

A few weeks later on a walk with one of our founders dog, Jack (pictured below). We thought 'Hey, why not include Jack in our brand name' So, two lightbulbs turned to three! The last and final change to our name came as we were looking for product ideas and wanted to find pet products to 'brighten your day'. After that phrase was used that was it, we wanted it in our name and as lightbulb didn't quite have the ring we wanted... You guessed it! Along came Three Bright Lights!


Our star boy and third light, Jack! Wouldn't you agree, he truly brightens your day right? 



Product Sourcing

We offer a service where we will search for types of product you cannot find. If you have any product ideas or any non perishable pet related item you would like to see on our website please visit out 'Contact us' page. Alternatively you can email us on Enquiries@EKproducts.co.uk or direct message us on instagram under our username @3BrightLights and we will be more than happy to help!

Please note that although we try our best to fulfil your sourcing requests this may not be possible due to supply and shipping issues currently being experienced globally. We also cannot source branded products, sorry for any inconvenience.