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Retractable Self Cleaning Pet Brush

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Suitable for both Cats and Dogs



1. Promote blood circulation
Our delicate brush massages skin promoting healthy blood circulation.

2. Reduce Moulting/Shedding
Our retractable brush design allows for easy collection of fur in a neat pile to be disposed of. Preventing hair being spread everywhere and getting caught in the brush.

3. Prevent hair knotting

4. Detection of fleas/tics

5. Grooming pets frequently can ensure better hair quality and volume making pet coats smooth and shiny.

Product Information:

Material: ABS, HTPE, stainless steel
Product Category: Comb brush
Specifications: white, pumpkin color

Pumpkin comb size: 195*84*66mm
UFO comb size: 205*95*45mm

Pet Cat Brush Hot Selling Hand-held Steel Wire Self-cleaning Comb Looper For Hair Removal
Packaging Information:

Hair cleaner x1