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Portable Pet Water Bottle

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Keeping your best friend hydrated just got easier!

This lightweight bottle allows you to transfer water from the bottle into a much more inviting bowl-like container to keep your dog hydrated on the move. A must have for those with active dogs! 

- Made with environmentally-friendly material.
- One-touch waterproof button, easy to use.
- Lightweight bottle for easy transport.

Disclaimer: Charcoal filter on the blue and pink variants may leave slight markings on the bottle during delivery, however is a safe and great way to filter your pets water!


 Please see below for specs


Material: ABS and PC
Colour: blue, pink, white
Size: 350ml 20cm x 7.5cm
Weight: 350ml net weight about 0.14kg gross weight about 0.2kg

Package content:
1 x 350ml Bottle; 1x 550ml Bottle

1 drinking cup

1 Charcoal filter (Blue and pink variants only)